Products, Goods and Materials Included in Charterhouse Marine Insurance Cover

Examples of Cargo Insurance

  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Classic Cars: to and from United Kingdom – United States – Far East– Middle East – Asia – Europe.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Vintage Automobiles: to and from, United Kingdom, United States, Far East.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Hazardous Materials: to and from, United States, South Africa, Germany, Taiwan, Europe.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Heavy Machinery & Plant: to and from: United Kingdom – United States – Europe-East & West Africa.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Antique Rugs, Carpets: to and from, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, United States.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Antiques: to and from, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, China, Far East, Middle East.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Automobiles: to and from, United Kingdom, United States, Far East, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Middle East, East West Africa, South Africa.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Theatrical Regalia: to and from: United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China, Far East, Russia, Europe.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Pharmaceutical Products: India, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Containers, Living Containers: to and from, China, Northern Europe, United Kingdom, Somalia.
  • Marine Cargo Insurance – Refrigerated Trailer Units: to and from United Kingdom, UAE, Far East.
Cargo insurance

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