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Interest Categories

INTEREST 1: Non Fragile/General Merchandise.

General Cargo and/or Merchandise are deemed to be "Approved" if they attract no special hazard in regard to stowage, handling, packing or during normal methods of transit or by their inherent nature are not more than normally susceptible to loss and/or damage arising from pilferage, leakage, shortage, loss in weight, breakage, scratching, bruising, chipping, denting, bending or crushing or are not liable to perish, deteriorate or suffer any changes in quality or suffer from electrical, mechanical or any other form of derangement or breakdown. Examples of goods insured in this category.

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Products in Drums, Sacks, Bags, Bottles, Tins, Cans, Paper, Sachets including liquid items in Tins.
  • Dried Foodstuffs in Bags & Sacks including Beans, Rice, Pulses, Herbs & Spices.
  • Flat packed Furniture (excluding Glass).
  • Foodstuffs in Cartons, Bottles, Tins, Cans and Jars.
  • Hardware, Tools, Garage Equipment, Ironmongery, Taps & Wire, Rubber Mats, Plastic Holloware, Office Sundries, Products, Stationery and Printed Matter & Books.
  • Made up Clothing (excluding Furs, Fur Garments, Sportswear, Branded Goods, Fashionwear and Leatherwear) & Shoes.
  • New Machinery, Machinery Parts & Spares such as Heavy Material, Generators, Road Works Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Non Fragile Medical/ Material/Dental Equipment, Wheelchairs.
  • Non-fragile Motor Vehicle Spares, Accessories and Tyres.
  • Textiles, Piece Goods including Fabrics, Haberdashery & Yarn.
  • Bottled Beverages – Excluding fine wines, spirits or similar.
  • Branded Goods - such as Cosmetics & Commodities, Confectionery, Sports Goods, Sports & Leisurewear, Leisure Articles, Bicycles, Fishing/Hunting Equipment, Perfumes, Garments, Eyewear, Leather goods, Toys & Games.
  • Appliances - including Radios, Televisions, Audio Equipment, Video Recorders, Cameras, Calculators, Electronic Toys, Video Games, Consoles and Associated items - Excluding Mobile Telephones and Sim Cards.
  • Plasma Screens warranted packed in original manufacturers packing or flight cases.
  • White Goods and New Furniture - "White Goods" defined as Cookers, Ovens, Refrigerators & Freezers, Washing Machines, Dishwashers and other white or enamelled goods packed in cases, cartons or waterproof crates.
  • Desktop Computers, Servers and the like. Excluding Laptop, Notebook & Handheld Computers and similar items. Excluding computer chips, memory boards & similar high value components.
INTEREST 2: Fragile Goods
  • Domestic Glass, Earthenware, Enamelware, Glassware, Sanitaryware, Chinaware, Pottery, Crystalware, Bulbs, Neon, Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes packed in cases or cartons or waterproof crates.
  • Furniture with Glass.
INTEREST 3: Private Motor Vehicles
  • Private Motor Vehicles , Motorbikes, Motor Homes and Caravans under 12 years of age shipped underdeck or in Containers.
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