Transportation Insurance for Antiques, Fine Art and Fragile Items

Insurance Cover for Shipping Antiques, Art and Fragile Items

Your fine art, antiques and fragile items require specialist cover and here at Charterhouse we protect a wide range of items, including paintings, ceramics, glass, metalware, furniture, clocks, watches, jewellery, tapestries, vintage and reproduction rugs, wine and more.

The globalisation of the antique and art market, with the continued expansion of internet-based enquiries, have made far-flung acquisitions possible. The movement of objects from city to city, country to country and continent to continent places an emphasis on appropriate insurance cover during the transport process. We have, over a period of time, provided first-class insurance cover for Antiques, Artwork and Fragile Items (during shipment).

Asian Art: broadly, this category comprises everything from Qianlong vases to Islamic calligraphy; this type of art has been prized and collected in the West.

Clocks, Watches and Jewellery: ranging from historical clocks to contemporary jewellery.

Collectables: encompasses, a vast range of items in areas such as arms, armour and military, bank notes, cameras, coins, entertainment, sporting memorabilia, stamps, wines, and writing equipment.

Decorative Art: this category covers a wide range of three-dimensional antiques in a variety of different materials. Ceramics, glass, metalware (including silver and plate), and medium- and small-sized decorative objects such as dressing table sets.

Fine Art: ranging from Mediaeval works of art to traditional Old Masters, through to contemporary art.

Furniture: furniture has a practical purpose, regardless of how simple or grand it is. Makers such as, Chippendale, Gillows, William Vile, John Cobb.

Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Other Antiquities: antiquities markets, comprising artefacts and works of art by ancient civilisations, which include, statues, coins jewellery, arms and armour.

Vintage Fashion and Textiles: silks, tapestries, embroideries, clothing, and dresses - each has its own place in the world of fashion.

Vintage and Reproduction Rugs and Carpets: original and reproduction classic style carpets and rugs.

Underwriting terms are based on ICC Plus and Total Loss Plus, cargo insurance concepts that were designed to be the most comprehensive coverage in the Americas. ICC Plus and Total Loss Plus are based on the "English Rules", otherwise known as the Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC A, B or C), thus meeting all requirements for letters of credit from virtually every country worldwide; our market's exclusive ICC Plus rules expand coverage terms to offer superior protection than that permitted by the American Rules (ACC), Standard English Rules (ICC ), and the German Rules of Marine Insurance (ADS).

Why ICC Plus is Superior

  • ICC Plus terms offer longer intermediate storage.
  • ICC Plus terms expand the duration to last up to four times longer than the American Rules and equal to the German Rules worldwide.
  • ICC Plus terms include guaranteed claim payment periods.

Why Total Loss Plus is Superior

  • Total Loss Plus is not based upon the ICC-C rules, FPA terms, or Stranded Cover; it is based upon the ICC-B rules, thereby increasing the risks covered by more than double as compared to standard ICC-C terms.
  • Additionally , Total Loss Plus covers roughly four times more risks than FPA, and also offers coverage for additional perils than that which is offered under the Stranding Cover of the German Rules of Marine Insurance.
  • Total Loss Plus terms also include guaranteed claim payment periods.

Why Claims Handling is Superior

  • Underwriters have been granted in-house claims authority from multiple leading insurers. Therefore, under their authority, for valid claims up to certain values, they guarantee to settle and pay within 10 days of documentation for more than 95% of all cargo insurance claims.
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